Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Jack Lake

    Here is another shot taken on my 'sunrise' expedition a little while ago. Before I went to Lake Minnewanka, I wandered around Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park. The nice thing about this area is that you can drive right up to the lake. The bad thing about this area is..... you can drive right up to the lake. It can get very busy. Many photographers have this lake in their portfolio. Fortunately, there was no one else around on this morning. It was very quiet, with the occasional splash in the water from the geese and the sound of Bighorn Sheep making their way down the hill behind me. Why is it that every time you hear an unexpected noise in the mountains, you automatically assume a bear is sizing you up?
     Most images I see of this lake have Mount Rundle in the backgound to the south. I took a few photographs in that direction. They turned out not too bad but the sky was not very interesting. This photograph on the other hand, is looking north east towards Lake Minnewanka with Mount Inglismaldie on the right. The sky was a little more colorful and the rock provided an interesting anchor to the image. Click on the picture.


  1. Well done Andrew. I am really enjoying your images this summer.
    Mike Kap

  2. Thanks Mike. Hope your having a good summer with lots of photo ops.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photograph! You were really lucky to be alone that morning!