Sunday, July 29, 2012

Man it's Late!

     The image below was taken at about 2 am in the morning. My wife and I were on the way home from an evening of shooting some waterfalls when I had the bright idea to try and get some shots of the night time sky. (hey, we were already out!). We stopped at a few different places and I managed to get a few photographs of the stars and the Milky Way. Even the Northern Lights  made a short but sweet appearance. We have passed this barn countless times in our travels and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a shot of it at night.
     I set up my camera, adjusted my settings and started shooting. Not so easy in the dark. In the distance behind me, I noticed a car was approaching. I pressed the shutter release button a few seconds before the car passed so that with a 20 second exposure, the car lights would light-paint the foreground. The result is below. Click on picture for a better look.


  1. Hi Andrew!
    It´s a shame, that there are no comments for your photograph yet - it´s INGENIOUS!!! WOW!! I love you idea to wait for the car - the light-painted foreground adds so much to the scene! The sky looks so fantastic: green and orange... I don´t think that the sky over Austria looks so beautiful at 2a.m.!
    May I introduce me to you - I´m Ulina, a sister from Austria. I came to your blog from your mother´s blog - we´re in touch for a few months now - it´s so nice to get to know brothers and sisters all over the world!
    I´m so happy, that I found your blog - you seem to be a gorgeous photographer!!
    IRL I´m a chemist, but I love photography - there´s only so little time for all my hobbies!
    I had to delete my photo-site, so I decided to open a photo blog of my own, where I can upload a picture once in a while: maybe you want to have a look at an amateur´s site?
    Can´t wait for your next photographic stroke of genius!
    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards to you and your family from Austia/Vienna,

  2. Thanks Ulina for your comments. I will definitely take a look at your site. Thanks again,

  3. Andrew, this is soooo beautiful. I agree with Ulina - it is ingenious! Great job!

  4. Andrew! I am in love with this one for sure!! Every time you post I am more and more intrigued!

  5. Andrew! I am in love with this one for sure!! Every time you post I am more and more intrigued!