Friday, August 3, 2012

Lake Louise Morning

    Recently, while staying at the Deer Lodge, I decided to get up at 5:30 in the morning and take the short walk to Lake Louise to get some sunrise shots of this iconic location. It was a Friday morning, it was very early, who else would be there? Surely I would be the only photographer there. All the sane people are still curled up in their warm beds. I would have the whole lake to myself where I could take my time and meticulously set up my shots, not having to worry about waiting around for people to exit my frame. NOT!  I couldn't believe it. The place was full of photographers, just like me: sleepy and desperate for a beautiful photograph. Can we all be that crazy? Or, do great minds think alike?
   Lake Louise is probably one of the most photographed places on earth. The composition below seems to be the most popular. Why? It's the easiest. But also, the angles and reflections created by the mountains and horizon just seem to draw you in. Some photographers may feel it is a waste of time to shoot this lake from this particular location because it has been photographed to death. My thoughts? So what! Beauty is beauty. Do you have too many photographs of your children? Of course not! If it's beautiful and you are impressed by it; take the shot. Of course, there are other ways to photograph this lake and I did get some other shots that I will eventually post. But don't let the fact that the internet is glutted with pictures of an iconic, creative wonder, stop you from producing a beautiful photograph.


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  1. Oh, great minds definitely think alike - but not me - I´m the one who misses all the great shots in the morning, because I´m curled up in my cozy bed...
    You captured a wonderful, peaceful scene! Great job!