Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Look

        Here is another view of 'world famous' Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. A few days back I posted a photo with the more classic or popular composition of the lake. The image below is a slightly different take. This viewpoint is by no means unique but you don't see it quite as often. This is taken at the outlet of the lake, the beginning of the  Louise creek. The mountain at the back end of the lake is Mount Victoria and just behind that is another 'world famous' area of the Canadian Rockies: Lake O'Hara in Yoho Park in B.C.
      Like the other photograph I posted, this was taken at sunrise and for this one I used a longer exposure to smooth out the water in the creek. While there were dozens of people taking pictures at the time, very few wandered around trying different comps. I think it is important when taking pictures to try a variety of angles and locations. The image is a little clearer if you click on it.


  1. Stunning!! The exposure is perfect - is it a HDR? (ok, you don´t have to lift your secrets - I´m just wondering :-) )
    It´s a pitty that many photographers are satisfied with the "easiest" shot and don´t make a step to the left or right...
    You were rewarded with an amazing shot!

  2. Ulina, thanks for your comment. This picture is not an HDR but I increased clarity in Lightroom. That may have given it a little HDR look.