Monday, December 5, 2011

Star Trail

       A couple of days ago we decided to go for a short walk down by the Red Deer River after a fresh snow fall. The new snow hanging on the trees, the sun reflecting on the snow crystals and a deep blue sky all provided some opportunities to share the positive side of winter. We happened to be the first ones there, the only prints in the snow were from the local wildlife.
     I took a chance and shot directly into the sun on this occasion and was happy with the result. In my post processing I experimented with different looks. The one I settled on made the image a little darker than it really was and brought out the "stars" on the trail created by the star in the sky.



  1. Beautiful scene Andrew, I love how the snow sparkles and the blue sky, looks so pretty!

  2. Wow! Another beauty! Winter can be so beautiful!