Friday, December 9, 2011

Mirror of the Black Prince

      Many times when hiking in the mountains, the weather, the light etc. just do not cooperate when looking for things to photograph. The image below was captured during one of these times. When it is not possible to get acceptable landscape images because of the conditions, that is when I turn my attention to what is on or near the ground. This is Warspite Lake, more like a small pond, and not particularly photogenic. The mountains around this lake were beautiful, but the skies were white and much of the mountains were obscured by low cloud. But this glorified mud puddle was reflecting a portion of impressive Mount Black Prince. So I walked around a little so I could include a few different elements in the picture such as a good portion of the mountain and some rocks and ice. I thought it made for an interesting picture.
      Black Prince refers to England's Edward, who was known for his striking black armor and skill as a fierce warrior in battle. He lived in the fourteenth century and was the father of King Richard the Lionheart. This mountain was actually named after a ship that bore Edward's name. In fact, a number of things in the area are named after 1st World War ships including Edward's 'mirror', Warspite Lake.

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  1. This one had me staring for ages. It is so unique.
    I'm glad you even look for beauty in mud puddles!
    Love the background history 'lesson' too!