Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Vendor

       At this time of year, many people in Canada start to think about a winter vacation. A week or two, somewhere warm to escape the cold and break up the winter. We have been fortunate enough to travel to Mexico a number of times and have enjoyed it every time. The picture below was taken in PuertoVallarta, a popular tourist destination.
      When looking online for information on destinations, hotels etc. I often read of individuals who are annoyed by the efforts of these beach vendors to sell them their wares. For us, its part of the experience. While I am sure there is the occasional vendor who may be pushy or rude, that has never been our experience. Timeshare salespeople yes, but not the beach vendors. It amazes me how these vendors will walk up and down the beach for hours, carrying their goods, in extreme heat, usually getting turned down and still maintain a polite and humble demeanor. Instead of getting annoyed, I feel we can learn a little from them.
      This image of a beach vendor, taking a break. reading the paper helps us to remember, he's just a regular guy. Look closely at the paper. He's a sports fan checking the latest in soccer news. Dressed head to toe in clean, white clothes, reminds us that he is a practical person who no doubt is concerned with how he presents himself to his customers. A regular guy, who likes his football, probably has a family to support (only a wife could get those whites that white), and will do what he can to make a living. Who can be annoyed by that?

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