Friday, November 4, 2011

Freezing Over

      Its that time of year, things are slowly starting to freeze over. Even though colder temperatures can get a lot of us down, there are some positives. Hockey season, maybe a winter trip to someplace warm, hockey season  ( oh I already said that ) and new opportunities for photography. While shooting in the cold can be a pain, snow and ice add a new dimension of beauty to landscapes. Besides, where I live, we get a fair share of chinooks and sunshine in winter that provides some reprieve from the cold.
      The image below was taken a couple of years ago on a hike to Troll Falls. What attracted me to this shot was the details. Snow, ice, rock, wood, and water make for a variety of textures. The way the creek was freezing over with the leaf hanging onto the edge was interesting.
     This image is one of many that is featured in my photobook - 'Details'.  Through photography it highlights the beauty found in small things and encourages a person to look around for unique views on things we can sometimes miss.
      For those that might be interested, November is a great time to purchase this book. This month, Blurb is offering a $10.00 discount when ordering. Make sure to enter the promotional code BIGTEN when prompted and you will receive the discount.


  1. well done. You forgot to mention the Grey Cup is in Nov. and for us Rider fans it has been an exciting few years -not this year though.

  2. This is definitely one of my favourite photo's, there really is so much detail here.
    Bye for now,

  3. Andrew, I love this photo too! It says so much.
    It the end for one season and the beginning of a new one. One lone little green leaf stuck in the middle of them. The colors are beautiful!
    Hockey at the bottom of Troll Falls...will that work?