Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adjust White Balance for Variety

      When I am out taking photographs I will often find one subject but take a variety of shots from different viewpoints. Everyone has different tastes, so my hope is that by using different angles, I will find a composition that someone else besides myself will find interesting.
     I will often apply that reasoning to my post processing as well. Because I usually approach my photography from a more artistic, visually interesting perspective, rather than a documentary style, I will try to process some of my images with the same subject matter in a variety of different ways. Take the images below as an example.
     These are photos of an interesting landmark near Linden, Alberta. This graffiti laden shed sits in a field right next to the road. Although there were only a few clouds in the sky, the sunrise was providing some nice color.  As you can see, I took photographs from different angles but I also processed them differently. The biggest difference is white balance. Shooting in RAW allows one to manipulate the white balance after the fact and that in turn can make for a variety of interesting results.

                               White Balance- As Shot

                               White Balance- Cloudy

                               White Balance- Shade
    Thanks for looking!


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  1. Interesting and inspiring ! My favourite is the 3rd one... Thank you for reminding me of the white balance in post processing... I started shooting RAW, but I´m not so firm until now... Ulina