Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Rock

      Near Okotoks, Alberta lies the worlds largest glacial erratic known as the Okotoks Erratic. This is a rock that has been transported far from its original location by glacier ice. It weighs some 16,500 tons and its name is derived from the Blackfoot word- 'okatok', which means 'rock'. This is also where the town of 'Okotoks' gets its name.
      It was a little challenging to get the image below because there was quite a few people walking around the rock, and unfortunately, even some climbing the rocks despite  the fence and written rules at the parking lot. I am glad I waited around though and I want to thank my assistants for their help in creating this image. ; )         Don't forget to click on the picture for a little larger view.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Andrew, this came out fabulous, I love it. Good job!
    Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish with the help of a few extremely helpful and knowledgable assistants. ;~)
    TTFN, Babs