Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedge Pond

        Recently, we took a drive out to Kananaskis with some friends. During fall, the mountains can provide great photo opportunities as there is color in lower elevations and sometimes snow at higher elevations. This combination can provide memorable images. While admiring views of  The Fortress ( the mountain with the flat top ), we passed by Wedge Pond. Realizing that the surrounding mountains would make for great reflections, I turned the car around and made our way down to the pond. The image below is the result. 
      This photograph illustrates the point that there are always exceptions to photographic 'rules'. In recent posts I mentioned techniques that can improve one's photography. Using the 'rule of thirds', taking pictures at dawn and dusk and using weather to our advantage. Because reflections are a key element in this photograph the shoreline cuts directly through the center of the picture.( although I did try to use the mountains to balance the image in thirds vertically ). And even though I would have loved to photograph this spot during a sunrise or a sunset with a dramatic sky, it just wasn't possible at this time. But I wasn't about to let logistics prevent me from acquiring a beautiful image.  

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