Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lake Louise

       Lake Louise is probably one of the most popular and famous locations in the Canadian Rockies. It is very easy to get to and people from all over the world visit in all seasons.For this photograph I held the camera just inches above the water so that the rocks and reflections would be more prominent. Although there were dozens of people taking pictures at the time, I was the only one crouched down next to the water to get a different angle. It doesn't take much, but changing your angles when photographing a subject, can mean the difference between a snapshot and a wall hanger. 
     Why is this shot so popular? Obviously it has something to do with its popularity as an iconic location in the mountains. Its probably one of the most photographed lakes in the world. But few consider how the geography of the area is actually contributing to it's beauty and appeal. Lines, triangles and reflections are very strong elements in composition. Without really realizing it, our eyes have a tendency to gravitate to Victoria glacier in the center of the image. This is because the lines of the shoreline, mountains and reflections all converge in the middle. I think that is one reason why it has become such a popular subject for photographers.   

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