Tuesday, August 30, 2011


       This image was taken during a trip to Mazatlan,Mexico. Wandering around Stone Island, enjoying the fact that you have been able to take the time off from your job, become a tourist and enjoy all that another country has to offer, it is easy to forget that many do not have that luxury.
      I watched this young girl, walking up and down the beach trying to sell her gum to tourists. As the afternoon was winding down and tourists were making their way back to the cruise ships, she headed over to this boat. I assume the man is her father who perhaps uses his boat as a water taxi. Seeing them together after a hard day's work, I thought this scene represented how, for many people, making a living is a family affair. 
     'Paloma' is the Spanish word for dove or pigeon. Why this boat has that name, I don't know. What I do know is, some people associate doves with peace.For others the dove may have religious significance. Could these be reasons for the name? It may be that 'Paloma' is the name of the girl in the picture as boats are often given female names. Whatever the case, after examining this photo for awhile, all of us can put our own unique spin on what we feel this image represents.  

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  1. It is amazing what can come from one photo! A whole lot of unknowns...yet a whole lot of character and stories!!
    Thanks again Andrew!