Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Making the Case for Easy

       There are many ways to improve your photography. One simple way is to take photographs of more interesting subjects. Take a picture of a deer and you have a nice photo. Take a picture of a deer crossing a creek, you have a great photo. Take a picture of a deer crossing a creek at sunrise in the early morning mist, you have an amazing photo.
      While I firmly believe this, I don't subscribe to the 'snobby' photographers idea, that if the scene is easy to get to, it is not worth photographing. I am amazed at how many 'pro' photographers out there seem to belittle the 'amateur' photographers who take pictures of well known, easy to get to, sites. Now, I am all for getting off the beaten path. Photographing locations that few people get to see is one of the reasons I carry my gear when hiking and backpacking. I have many images of scenes that you would be hard pressed to find online. But I don't think it is reasonable to assume that because a particular scene is popular with tourists, or if pictures of a certain area glut the internet, that it is somehow demeaning to the craft to photograph it.
      If a magazine asked me to photograph a famous model, I would be crazy to say " No thanks, they have been photographed thousands of times." If a large corporation asked me take a photo of a city skyline for their offices, would it make sense to refuse based on the fact that the internet has hundreds of these shots posted? If a bride and groom want a picture of themselves posed a certain way, would it be reasonable for a wedding photographer to say no, because they have seen that pose far too many times?
      All of the images below have four things in common: they are just minutes away from a parking lot, they have been photographed many times, they are all popular with tourists and they are all found in the Alberta Rockies.  Google these locations on the internet, as I have done, and you will most likely come to the same conclusion that I have: no matter the popularity, take the shot!

                               Lake Minnewanka

                               Moraine Lake

                               Lake Louise

                                           Wedge Pond

                               Two Jack Lake

                               Mistaya Canyon

Thanks for looking!

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