Friday, October 24, 2014

Hidden Gem

        This past summer I backpacked with friends to a familiar area, Egypt Lake in the Alberta Rockies. We had been there around 3 or 4 years ago but the scenery is so beautiful we had to go again. I photographed these falls last time I was there but this is a different composition, which fortunately captured a little sunlight, a rare occurrence on this trip.
       These falls are located on the outlet creek of Scarab Lake and just a few feet to the left of where I was standing is a 300 ft waterfall descending into Egypt Lake. Never get tired of this hidden gem. Thanks for looking!


  1. It really is a hidden gem! Did you stand right in the middle of the water?
    It´s always a pleasure to stop by!
    PS: So sorry for your loss...

  2. Thank you Ulina for your condolences and for stopping by the blog from time to time. Let me know when you have your Ireland pics finished!