Monday, February 24, 2014

Los Arcos

     Los Arcos or 'The Arches' in English, are located a short boat ride away from Puerto Vallarta in Banderas Bay. While taking a day trip to Las Caletas beach, our tour boat coasted slowly through this protected marine preserve, which allowed us to examine these unique rocky islands and the many sea birds that nest there. These granite islands rise high above the ocean but they also descend deep underwater. For example, one wall called "Devils Jaw", descends some 1800 feet. The rocks, walls, caves and variety of marine life make this place one of the premier snorkel and diving locations in the area.
     While we only had minutes in the area and I had to dodge a number of tourists on the boat, I managed to squeeze off a few shots. The early morning sun added greatly to the beauty of the area and these four are my favorites. Thanks for looking!

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