Friday, September 27, 2013

Bridge to Brightness

    Photography can be full of surprises. I was out driving the gravel roads again, this time in east/central Alberta, looking for rural images during sunrise. Most of the time I have no idea what might present itself. I might have a great sky but no subject or foreground. Or, the subject is interesting but the sky is boring. Great images are usually made when all these things come together. Now, when you think of how short a sunrise or sunset is, having all of this happen at the same time when you are driving around in an unfamiliar area is pretty rare. That is why many photographers will scout an area first and return later to set up and wait for the light.
    Fortunately for me, on this occasion, I stumbled across a neat subject with great light at just the right time. Below is a picture of a small bridge over a creek on a lonely gravel road.When I stood in the center of the road the sun also lined up in the center of the bridge, which made for a really interesting composition. Because the sun was so low, the light really emphasized the tire tracks on the gravel. Even though I had to dodge a couple of semi trucks at the time, I was happy to come across this rural scene.