Friday, June 14, 2013

Kilchurn Castle

      Built in 1450, Kilchurn castle at one time, stood on a small island surrounded by water in Loch Awe. In 1817 the loch's outflow was cleared which dropped the water level so now the castle is not completely water locked. Many pictures show the castle surrounded by water but when we were there, we walked on dry ground to access the castle. Perhaps it depends on the time of year as to how much water surrounds it.
    In 1760 the castle was badly damaged by lightning and was abandoned. Inside the castle courtyard lays the top of the tower in one piece, upside down, that was blown off with the lightning strike.
    To get the photograph below, I walked around the castle looking for different compositions. I like this one as the grasses and trees created a little atmosphere and added a some interest. On the other side of the castle there was very little else to include in the shot other than just the castle itself. It was a dreary day with a dull grey sky. I added a texture to that part of the image to bring a little excitement to the boring sky.

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