Monday, June 3, 2013


    This is probably one of my favorite photographs from our recent trip to the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. There are many shots of these falls from this location on the internet, many of them very beautiful. The composition of most of them are very similar basically because to view these falls in this way there is only one location to do it from- in the middle of Eagle Creek. The only way to see these falls on this hike other than going further up the trail to the upper viewpoint (see previous post), is to get your feet wet. My wife took a picture with her phone to show how photographers get this shot and as you can see there were a few there.

     To get the image below, I went a little further into the creek toward the far side of the canyon. Even though the falls are now partially obstructed by the overhanging leaves, I kind of like this composition. It's slightly different from most shots you see (and I mean slightly), but from this vantage point, the leaves on the rock to the left seem to glow and jump out at you which I feel helps to balance the shot.. As beautiful as the falls are, my eye always seem to want to look at those leaves as well. I think that is why I liked this shot. The falls and its reflection to the right and the light just hitting the leaves on the left.

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