Thursday, May 9, 2013

Framed Deer

     In the area of Alberta where we live, deer are a common occurrence. So much so, that at certain times of the day, you have to be very alert to their presence especially when driving. Even though we see them so often, we never tire of it. When driving, and we come across one, everyone wants to look and comment on their beauty. It's amazing to watch them run and jump over fences like there is nothing there. That being said, if you have a garden, that amazement seems to dissipate pretty quickly. :)
     The image below was taken just south of where we live. It was evening and the light was creating great color in the leaves and grasses. While driving down a back road, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed this scene. It really caught my attention. So many things came together at the same time to make this a little more unique than your average deer sighting. The lighting was warm. The fence behind the deer added interest. The trees and grasses seemed to make a natural frame that drew your eye to the subject. If these elements had not come together like this, I doubt I would have even noticed it.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful Andrew! I agree...came together perfectly!
    Looks like a painting.
    Thanks for sharing!!