Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Eilean Donan

        Here is another shot of the Eilean Donan castle in Scotland. I posted another photograph of this castle a while back with a different look. When I am out taking photographs I will often concentrate on one main subject but will take many photographs from different locations or angles, switching between horizontal and vertical orientations. The logic is that if I take a little time to get creative with all of these different shots I will at least find a couple of keepers. Also, when I get home to process the images, I go through them and see which ones I find more appealing and then ask myself why. This helps me to fine tune my techniques in the field. Finally, when one takes a variety of shots of a particular scene, it can give you the chance to experiment in post. Convert one to black and white, one landscape, one portrait. Decrease the saturation in one shot and increase it in another, etc. Some guys like to hop out of the car, look at a scene, take the shot then leave. I, on the other hand, would rather spend a few extra minutes and make sure I leave the location feeling like I've covered all the bases. Don't forget to click.

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