Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Edinburgh Castle

     Edinburgh Castle sits on the summit of volcanic rock some 260 ft above the city. Specifically designed as a defensive structure it has seen its fair share of battles. It developed into a royal fortress in the 1100's and since then has been won and lost numerous times, changing hands between the Scots and the English. It actually remains a military base to this day.
    The view of the city of Edinburgh is amazing from this vantage point. Inside the castle walls there is a lot to see including the Scottish Crown Jewels or Honours of Scotland and the famous Stone of Destiny. This stone was the seat on which Scottish Kings were crowned. In 1296 King Edward 1 took it to England where it was used in a special coronation chair when the kings and queens of England were crowned. In 1996, 700 years later, it was returned to Scotland and sits in Edinburgh Castle though it is to be returned to Westminster Abbey when needed for Coronations.

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  1. Quite the history on this one Andrew! Thanks!
    I find it interesting how your photo seems dark and ominous in one corner and bright and full of life in the other corner. Kind of interesting considering the back and forth history! Thanks for sharing...as always!!!