Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Red Box

    While in Edinburgh, I took this photograph of a portion of the famous red telephone box that is well known across the U.K. There is quite a history behind them. I am definitely not an expert, but I believe this one is what is called a K6 style. This style was designed in 1935 and was made up until 1968. Out of all the styles of telephone boxes over the years this has proven to be the most popular. Originally there was 60,000 introduced and now there are less than 11,000.


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  1. I love these phone boxes! This photo is so good Andrew. I am sure this one has "seen' a lot of history! Looks as though things have been stuck to it and maybe has needed some paint over the years! I love the angle you have it at too...not just head on and typical. Thank for sharing Andrew!