Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Bridge

     Below is a photograph of an old packhorse bridge found in Carrbridge, Scotland. It was built in 1717 and its main purpose was to make sure that funerals were not delayed when it was not possible to cross the River Dulnain when water levels were high. The remains of the bridge pictured below are what is left after a flood in 1829.
     This was just a quick detour on the way to Edinburgh from Inverness. It was easy to find the bridge as Carrbridge is a small village. We parked the car up the road and wandered down to the river. I hopped the fence that surrounded the viewing area and set up my tripod and camera in such a way as to include the rocks in the foreground. Unfortunately, it was a dull, grey day and there was no color at all in the sky, hence a black and white image. Fifteen minutes later we were in a bakery buying chocolate orange loaf to snack on for the rest of this leg of our trip.

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