Thursday, September 13, 2012


    Over 1500 km of narrow roads driving on the 'wrong' side. Over 1000 photographs. Some 17 castles and abbeys. Coast to coast to coast and everything in between. That basically sums up our whirlwind tour of Scotland. The history is amazing and the scenery is unbelievable! Everywhere you turn there is literally another scene worthy of stopping and taking a picture. (although with those narrow roads and non-existent shoulders that would be dangerous). I would highly recommend Scotland as a great place to visit.
   As I get time, I will post some of my favorite images to this blog and my flickr account (that's the button on the top left of this page), and maybe a little info as well. To start, may as well go for the obvious....



  1. Sounds great!!
    Tom and I have been there, too - 15yrs. ago... I´d love to visit Scottland again :-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Love it Andrew!! Wish you had asked me to go with you! haha
    Keep em coming...can't wait to see all the photos!


  3. The "obvious" looks great to me! Looking forward to seeing all 1000 of your I am. I can hear you groaning Andrew but I couldn't resist.