Friday, September 21, 2012

The Turret

     On our first day in Scotland, we wandered around Stirling Castle in Stirling. Impressive history, architecture and views of the city and countryside. The image below is of a turret on the outer defenses of the castle. The word 'turret' comes from the Italian word 'torretta'- little tower, and the Latin word 'turris'- tower. In architecture, turrets are often used for decorative purposes but in this case they were definitely functional. These turrets provided a projecting platform that helped in providing covering fire along the walls of the castle. The turret pictured below was fairly small and were later additions to the castle to improve their defenses. For a better look, click on the picture.


1 comment:

  1. Amazing photos as always Andrew!!
    I like this one... I feel as though it is whispering all the things it has had to
    'see and put up with'. The bits of grass growing around and the cloud filled sky add a lot to the story! (at least the one in my head) =)
    Thanks for sharing!