Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby's Room

       When photographing abandoned homes, a person can not help but wonder what the tenants were like. Their personalities, their relationships, their hardships, their life. No doubt, the original tenants of this home had their fair share of good times. You can imagine how they felt over 100 years ago when they spent their first night in their new home. Did they welcome new members into the family? Could this have been the baby's room? Think of the effort and care that the expectant parents displayed while preparing the nursery. Can you picture in your minds eye a child growing up in this room and looking out this window surveying his or her playground?
     But for whatever reason, sometimes abandoned homes tend to bring out emotions that lean toward loss or loneliness. Perhaps it's because the tenants are long gone. Maybe it's because these homes remind us of how difficult life could be back then. Maybe it's Hollywood shaping our viewpoint.
    To me, this image has a dark feel to it. The debris in the room, the holes in the walls and the disintegrating plaster seemed to compliment the grey sky as seen through the window. Was this the baby's room? Maybe, maybe not. But contemplating this image from that angle can definitely influence our emotional response.

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  1. Very powerful Andrew! It is so true that taking a mental walk on the 'what could have been' side of things can change everything!
    Very thought provoking...thanks for sharing!