Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Forget to Signal

              This is a photograph of an old Studebaker that belongs to a friend. While wandering around the farm looking for old, rusty farm equipment, I came across this old car. It had been sitting for a long time. The metal looked like it had lichen or something growing on the body and even had a tree growing through it! I wanted to get a unique composition so I focused on one area. I liked how the smoothness of the glass headlight contrasted the texture in the metal. Also, while I thought black and white was the best treatment for this photo, I left the broken signal light yellow just to add a little interest.


  1. Great texture on the body of the car.
    Mike K

  2. Well...if you were looking for contrast and certainly found it!
    Even the shadows co-operated! The color in the broken signal light is a
    great touch!
    Thanks for sharing Andrew.