Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is It Tequila?

          Don Chendo tequila is produced at Rancho Verano, a small distillery located south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were able to take a tour and sample some of it.
         Actually, they call it 'Destilado de Agave' , not tequila. By law, the agave spirit 'tequila', can only be made from the blue agave plant. Other species of the plant, including green agave, is called 'mezcal'. This is what we sampled and many people prefer the mezcal over the tequila.
        Below is a photograph from this place. The hills, barrels, brick etc. just reminded me of old time Mexico. You can click on the image for larger view.

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  1. Lots of depth to this one Andrew. Great job!!