Friday, August 19, 2011

The Winner Is.......

       Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest to name the image below. There was so many great ideas, it wasn't easy to choose just one. The winning entry's title was, I felt, simple, easy to remember and described the feelings that I think the picture conveys. So then, the winning entry is.......... Chris B for the title 'Rust in Peace.' 
      Chris, go to my website, choose a photograph that you would like, and I will give you an 8x10 print. Please contact me with your
     As a thank you to all who participated, if you are interested in a print from the website, I am offering a 10% discount on print purchases for the remainder of August 2011. Again, this is for those individuals that participated in this contest. You can e-mail me at  
      Thanks again to all who participated, lots of great ideas and congratulations to Chris B for the winning entry.

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  1. I love the choice you made Andrew! Congrats to Chris B.!!!